Speaker Jones Announces New Leadership Positions

House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones announced her new leadership team today, making the following appointments:

  • Speaker Pro Tem: Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes
  • Majority Leader: Delegate Eric Luedtke
  • Vice Chair of Economic Matters: Delegate Kathleen Dumais
  • Assistant Speaker Pro Tem: Delegate Bonnie Cullison
  • Democratic Caucus Chair: Delegate Jazz Lewis
  • Democratic Caucus Vice Chair: Delegate Courtney Watson
  • Parliamentarian: Delegate Alonzo Washington
  • Chief Deputy Majority Whips: Delegate Ben Brooks and Delegate Ben Barnes
  • Chair of Joint Legislative Ethics Committee: Delegate Kathleen Dumais
  • Chair of Joint Committee on Unemployment Insurance and ECM Unemployment Insurance Subcommittee: Delegate Ned Carey
  • Chair, Joint Committee on Fair Practices: Delegate Erek Barron
  • Chair of Joint Behavioral Health: Delegate Kirill Reznik
  • Appropriations Capital Subcommittee: Delegate Tawanna Gaines, Chair/ Delegate Mark Chang, Vice Chair
  • Appropriations Transportation & Environment Subcommittee: Delegate Marc Korman, Chair/ Delegate Carol Krimm, Vice Chair
  • Appropriations Personnel Subcommittee: Delegate Pat Young, Chair
  • Appropriations Education & Economic Development Subcommittee: Delegate Ben Barnes, Chair/ Delegate Shelly Hettleman, Vice Chair
  • Appropriations Public Safety Subcommittee: Delegate Michael Jackson, Vice Chair
  • Environment and Transportation Environment Subcommittee Chair: Delegate Dana Stein
  • Environment and Transportation Natural Resources Subcommittee Chair: Delegate Jim Gilchrist
  • Environment and Transportation Land Use & Ethics Subcommittee Chair: Delegate Brooke Lierman
  • Co-Chairs, Commission on Economic Stability: Delegates Pam Queen & Mike McKay

The following changes to committee assignments were also announced:

  • Delegate Veronica Turner to ECM
  • Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti to WM
  • Delegate Shaneka Henson to APP
  • Delegate Carl Anderton to E&T
  • Delegate Ric Metzgar to APP
  • Delegate Andrew Cassilly to WM
  • Delegate Jen Terrasa to E&T
  • Delegate Teresa Reilly to HGO
  • Delegate Brooke Lierman to E&T
  • Delegate Tony Bridges to APP

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