General Assembly 2019 Interim Materials – Committee Activities

The General Assembly recently provided organizational materials and committee activities for the 2019 interim. Information includes letters from committee chairs of standing, statutory and special committees detailing proposed activities for the interim; listings of legislation related to the Legislative Policy Committee; new reports to the General Assembly as a result of legislation; and reports due to the budget committees resulting from the budget and Joint Chairmen’s Report.

Materials also include a report from State Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp. As required by statute, “The Treasurer is to address the Legislative Policy Committee of the General Assembly on a semi-annual basis and as necessary on issues of legislative importance, including the activities of the Board of Public Works, bonds sales, and investment and procurement initiatives.”

Materials can be found in links below.
Part I Review of Legislative Committees
Part II Proposed Committee Activities
Part III Legislation Related to LPC
Part IV New Reports to the General Assembly
Part V Joint Chairmen’s Report
Part VI State Treasurer’s Report

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