Speaker Busch Announces New Leadership Appointments

As the  439th legislative session commenced this week, Speaker Busch announced additional leadership appointments. These are in addition to the committee assignments announced in December and leadership changes announced in July.

Economic Matters Committee

  • Ben Brooks (District 10) – Chair, Public Utilities Subcommittee
  • Talmadge Branch (District 45) – Chair, Alcoholic Beverages Subcommittee
  • Ned Carey (District 31A) – Vice Chair, Alcoholic Beverages Subcommittee
  • Kathleen Dumais (District 15) – Chair, Property & Casualty Insurance Subcommittee
  • Kris Valderrama (District 26) – Chair, Worker’s Compensation Subcommittee
  • Mary Ann Lisanti (District 34A) – Chair, Unemployment Insurance Subcommittee
  • Cheryl Glenn (District 45) – Chair, Banking & Consumer Protection Subcommittee

Judiciary Committee

  • Vanessa Atterbeary (District 13) – Chair, Public Safety Subcommittee
  • Jon Cardin (District 11) – Chair, Civil Law Subcommittee
  • David Moon (District 20) – Chair, Juvenile Law Subcommittee
  • Jazz Lewis (District 24) – Chair, Family Law Subcommittee
  • Charles Sydnor (District 44B) – Chair, Criminal Law & Procedure Subcommittee

Delegate Darryl Barnes (District 25) will chair a new subcommittee in the Ways & Means Committee: Local Revenues.

Delegate Edith Patterson (District 28) will chair the House Protocol Committee.

Delegate Marvin Holmes (District 23B) will assume the role of Assistant House Majority Leader.


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