2018 Primary Election Summary

Now that the dust has settled and primary election results are official, below is a summary of some of the major State primary election outcomes.

Democratic Nomination for Governor

  • In a field of nine candidates vying for the Democratic Nomination for Governor, Ben Jealous came out on top with 39.6% of the vote. He will face sitting Republican Governor Larry Hogan in the November General Election.


  • Senator Thomas “Mac” Middleton, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee was upset in his District 28 primary by challenger Arthur Ellis.
  • Senator Joan Carter Conway, Chairman of the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee lost in her District 43 primary to sitting Delegate Mary Washington.
  • Senator Nathaniel McFadden, Senate President Pro Tem and Vice Chairman of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee lost in his District 44 primary to sitting Delegate Corey V. McCray.

House of Delegates

  • Delegate Marice Morales lost in her District 19 primary. Sitting Delegate Bonnie Cullison will likely return to this 3-member district with two new members, Charlotte Crutchfield and Vaughn Stewart.
  • Delegate Joseph F. Vallario, Jr., Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, lost in his District 23B primary. Challenger Ron Watson will serve as the new delegate along with returning Delegate Marvin Holmes.
  • Delegate Shane Robinson lost in his District 39 primary. Sitting Delegate Kirill Reznik will be joined by two new members, Lesley Lopez and Gabriel Acevero.
  • Delegate Bilal Ali and Angela Gibson, who were appointed during the term to fill vacancies, both lost their District 41 primary. Sitting Delegate Samuel “Sandy” Rosenberg will be joined by two new members, Dalya Attar and Tony Bridges.
  • Delegate Carlo Sanchez lost in his District 47B primary to challenger Wanika Fisher. Ms. Fisher does not face any opposition in the November General Election.

See the State Board of Elections 2018 Primary Election Results for the outcome of elections across the state.

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