Governor Hogan Announces Violent Crime Initiatives

Governor Hogan has announced a package of initiatives to curb  violent crime statewide, including targeted assistance for Baltimore City, truth-in-sentencing legislation, and intelligence sharing to combat gangs and criminal networks across Maryland. A Baltimore Sun article summarizes the initiatives.

  • A new Governor’s Council on Gangs and Violent Criminal Networks made up of prosecutors and police to fight gang crime. The council will be chaired by Carroll County State’s Attorney Brian DeLeonardo.
  • A new intelligence network to help police and prosecutors better share data across the state and with federal law enforcement.
  • Expanded patrols by Maryland State Police and other state law enforcement agencies in high-crime areas.
  • Assistance from Maryland State Police in serving high-priority warrants.
  • More than 200 parole and probation officers to track down offenders.
  • An “aggressive sweep” across the city with 80 U.S. marshals and federal officers on high-priority warrants.
  • New legislation to increase minimum sentences for repeat violent offenders.
  • New “truth-in-sentencing” legislation that would require second-time violent criminals to serve their full sentence and make them ineligible for parole.
  • Expedited demolition of vacant homes in high-crime areas.

Governor’s Press Release
Executive Order to create the Governor’s Council on Gangs and Violent Criminal Networks
Washington Post Coverage

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