Highlights From Annapolis – September Recap

State Reduces Revenue by $53 Million
The Board of Public Works approved a reduction in the State’s revenue projections for fiscal year 2018 by $53 million, a 0.3 percent decrease over prior estimates.  The Board also announced an estimated reduction in revenues for fiscal year 2019 of $73.5 million. According to a statement from the Comptroller’s Office the reductions are largely driven by…read more

Manis Canning a Proud Member of Dentons 50-State Government Affairs Network
Manis Canning & Associates is proud to announce its membership in the Dentons 50-State Government Affairs Network. Dentons 50 is a full-service, 50-state public policy and advocacy network offering unrivaled reach and depth in state capitols across the nation. Comprised of professionals with local expertise and experience managing policy issues in centers of power at the…read more

Kamenetz Launches Bid for Democratic Nomination for Governor
Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz launched his bid today for the Democratic nomination for Governor. As reported by the Baltimore Sun, Kamenetz, 59, said his experience running Maryland’s third-largest jurisdiction will translate to success running the state. “As county executive, I’ve gotten real results,” Kamenetz told The Baltimore Sun. “I’ve created jobs. I’ve improved schools. I’ve…read more

2018 Election News Updates
As reported by the Baltimore Sun, Delegate Mary Washington has announced that she plans to challenge sitting Senator Joan Carter Conway for the 43rd District Senate seat. Delegate Washington is the second delegate to announce a challenge to unseat an incumbent senator. Delegate Antonio Hayes announced earlier that he will challenge Senator Barbara Robinson for…read more

Board of Public Works Approves $63 Million in Budget Cuts
The Board of Public Works met earlier today to approve almost $63 million in budget reductions for the current fiscal year. The original plan proposed by the Administration called for $86.3 million in budget actions, of which $67.2 million were budget reductions. The modified approved plan calls for $79.9 million in budget actions. Most of…read more

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