Highlights From Annapolis

June 2017

Speaker Mike Busch Undergoes Liver Transplant
After being diagnosed with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, Maryland House Speaker Mike Busch underwent a liver transplant to resolve a medical problem attributed to a skin cancer medication. The surgery was successful and the Speaker is doing well. Additional details can be found in an article recently published in the Annapolis Capital.

Court of Appeals Blocks Medical Cannabis Hearing
The Court of Appeals intervened and recently stopped a hearing from occurring in the Circuit Court to determine whether the medical cannabis program can move forward in Maryland or be put on hold. The Court of Appeals issued a stay in the case until further notice, meaning that the program can continue to move forward with the licensing process as planned. However, the underlying lawsuit, which seeks to nullify the process used to select medical cannabis growers due to racial diversity not being considered, still remains. The Court of Appeals did not indicate what issues it would consider in its recent ruling.  Additional details can be found in an article published in the Baltimore Sun.

Governor Hogan Announces Additional Legislative Actions
Governor Hogan has announced additional legislative actions on several bills that passed during the 2017 General Assembly session. The Governor vetoed one bill and will let several others take effect without his signature.

Governor Hogan vetoed Senate Bill 543/House Bill 694 – Higher Education – Admissions Process – Criminal History. SB 543/HB 694 Veto Letter

Legislation of note that will take effect without his signature is listed below.

A complete list of Senate and House bills taking effect without the Governor’s signature can be found in the links below.

Governor Hogan Vetoes Paid Sick Leave Legislation
During an afternoon press conference held on May 25, Governor Hogan announced his veto of HB 1, Labor and Employment – Maryland Healthy Working Families Act, otherwise referred to as the  “Paid Sick Leave” legislation.  According to the Governor’s press release, Governor Hogan stated that the legislation was a “deeply flawed, job-killing paid leave bill” and he urged the General Assembly to work with the Administration on a compromise by January.

The Governor also announced three executive orders. The first executive order creates a task force to study how a paid sick leave plan can be implemented. The second extends paid leave benefits to all contractual employees in the executive branch. The third authorizes all state procurement authorities to begin giving preference to contractors who offer paid sick leave to their employees.

Earlier in the day, the Governor held a bill signing to sign over 200 bills into law. A list of the bills signed into law can be found in the link below.

Other Important Information and Websites
Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education – Meeting dates, meeting minutes, and other details can be found on the Commission website. The Commissions final report is due December 31, 2017.

21st Century School Facilities Commission – Meeting dates and agenda topics can be found on the Commission page of the General Assembly’s website.

To access press releases, executive orders, and other information from the Office of Governor Larry Hogan, visit the Governor’s website.

To access information on members of the General Assembly, committees, committee meetings, legislation, and other publications, visit the General Assembly’s Website.

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